Virtual Visit

What is a Virtual Visit?

A virtual visit is a consultation with your doctor over voice or video chat, also known as tele-health or tele-medicine You can see, hear, and talk to your health care provider while staying in the comfort of your own home, or wherever your busy life takes you. Even if you aren’t our patient yet, you can still get in touch and talk to one of our providers! Learn more below.

Why Do a Virtual Visit?

Virtual visits let you see a healthcare provider from anywhere at any time, day or night, with a wide range of benefits:

You can talk to a healthcare provider face-to-face when you have a concern.
It’s quick and convenient to get the diagnosis or treatment you need for a variety of conditions.
It can prevent a trip to urgent care or the ER.
You can even get a prescription sent to your pharmacy, when available.
A family member caregiver or translator can join you.
Scheduled virtual visits allow you to see your provider for a follow-up visit online, instead of making another trip to the doctor.
Scheduled Visit

This is an appointment with your primary care physician or specialist that’s scheduled in advance — like a regular in-person appointment. These are usually follow-up visits. But scheduled visits are also used before and after surgery, for pregnancy and infant well-checks, pre-visit information sessions, medication reviews, genetic counseling, infectious disease visits before traveling and more.

Book your virtual primary care visit today:

  • On your desktop? You can click Schedule an Appointment from your menu. Then select Virtual Primary Care from your options.
  • Using your smartphone? You can click on Appointments on your homepage. Then pick Schedule an Appointment. Finally, select Virtual Primary Care from your options
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