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What Is Going On With Me?

I Am Worried About My Immunity.

Do you often feel tired or sick but cannot figure out why? We offer Immune Boost therapy to help.

I am not the same since I had Covid

Find out more about the coronavirus comprehensive evaluations we offer below

I Can't Get Rid of My Cough.

Coughing all the time can be uncomfortable, keep you up at night, and can be an impediment to your social life, job, marriage, and relationships. 

We offer the first and only comprehensive cough clinic in central North Carolina.

I Worry About My Child's Sleep.

Sleep is an essential part of your child’s health. We offer professional services to get your child’s sleep schedule back on track.

I Can't Sleep.

Dissatisfying sleep can be troubling and difficult to treat without proper help. How you sleep can impact almost every aspect of your health. Prana Health offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment to improve quality of sleep. 

Why Am I So Tired?

Whether you or your child feel unusually sleepy all the time, it can often be a sign of an underlying sleep disorder. We can help correctly diagnose and treat the fatigue at Prana Health.

I Have Trouble Breathing.

I feel short of breath but I am not sure why. Whether it is an issue involving the heart, lungs, anemia, airways, circulation, or muscle weakness, we provide a comprehensive evaluation, advanced diagnostic tools, and treatment plan.

I Am Concerned About Asthma.

Whether for you or your child, we can talk with you about Asthma and how you can ease those symptoms.

Comprehensive Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep.