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Prana Health provides professionals with a wide skill set and experience to handle your primary and specialty medical care under one roof. From sleep problems, allergy issues, weight management, breathing issues, and more. Our board-certified providers offer the care you deserve

    • Primary Care:  In Sanford Primary Care services available at the new location 4546 US Hwy South, Sanford, NC 27332. Board certified Family Physician, Internal Medicine physician and a Physician Assistant are available to take care of your primary care needs.
    • Medicare & Medicaid: Accepted Prana Health accepts traditional Medicare, Medicaid and all major Managed Medicare and Medicaid plans with few exceptions. Out of network benefits are available for many of those plans which we do not participate in.
    • Accepting New Patients:  Prana Health is accepting new patients for its primary care and specialty care services with short waiting time to see a provider.
    • Short Waiting Time For Appointments: You should be able to get a new in person primary care appointment within a week and a specialty appointment within 2 weeks. We can accommodate patients via telehealth for urgent appointments.
    • Same Day:  Appointment, Telehealth, Medication Refill Service Available If you are unable to get your regular medication refills from your primary care provider for one reason or the other, we can help. We cannot fill controlled substances, psychiatric medications and specialized medications through this service.
    • Suboxone Treatment:  Prana Health is accepting patients for suboxone treatment. They must be established or willing to establish with a behavioral health counsellor to be eligible to participate in our Suboxone clinic.

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