Video Visit Steps

What is a virtual visit?

A virtual visit is a visit conducted through a video chat platform. Our office utilizes an in-browser video calling interface for maximum convenience and ease of use. Video visits allow you to save the time and cost associated with traveling to see your doctor or healthcare provider in person, by giving you access to the same Prana Health services online using your smartphone or tablet.

What do I need to participate in a virtual visit with Prana Health?

  • A smart phone, tablet, computer or laptop with a camera and microphone that has access to a web browser (virtual visits cannot be conducted only through the telephone – you must have a video and audio connection to the doctor)
  • Your patient information documents completed (See Virtual Visits).
  • A strong wireless or cellular data connection

The “How do I prepare for a successful virtual visit?” section provides additional information and instructions for your Virtual Visit. You must be physically located in the State of North Carolina (except during the Covid-19 pandemic) at the time of your scheduled video visit, due to state law and regulations. During the Covid-19 pandemic, you can participate in a virtual visit from  any state in the US. A parent/full legal guardian may need to be in close proximity to some patients under 18, or for adult patients with diminished mental capacity. In all cases, the patient must be physically present for the virtual visits.

How do I prepare for a successful virtual visit?

We ask that you prepare for the virtual visit in advance by doing some basic technical set-up before your scheduled appointment time:

In Advance, after scheduling the appointment

  1. Check your email/text messages for a confirmation message with a link to the testing page.
  2. Navigate to the testing page. Your browser will begin testing your device to ensure that you are able to use it for a video visit.
  3. If the app requests access to your camera or microphone, tap “OK” or click “Allow”.
  4. If the test fails, resolve any issues by using a different device or by troubleshooting.

Failure to test your connection wherever you plan to have your video visit may mean you cannot connect for your appointment.  Please check your connection in advance.

Start your video visit (15-30 minutes before scheduled appointment)

  1. Go to your email/text confirmation message and click the “Waiting Room” link.
  2. After the page has loaded, please enter the patient name associated with the consultation you scheduled and click enter.
  3. You will enter the waiting room where your completed documents will be requested while you wait for your provider to connect.
  4. Once your provider connects and begins the call, the visit will start!

Other tips for a successful video visit

  • Turn on notifications from your phone to receive appointment reminders.
  • Make sure your smartphone or tablet is charged and you have a strong wireless internet or cellular data connection.
  • Turn up the volume and make sure the camera, microphone and speakers are not blocked by your hand or phone case.
  • Turn off other apps so there is no interference.
  • Some networks (especially business wireless networks) may block video visit access even if there is a good wireless connection.
  • If your provider is running behind schedule, you may need to wait for them to join the video visit. Do not log out of the video visit. Call your clinic if the wait becomes unusually long.