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At the primary care clinic, we take pride in delivering the highest quality care to our patients.

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Preventive Care

This involves health screenings, vaccinations, and counseling to prevent the onset of diseases or detect them at an early stage.

Health Promotion

Primary care providers offer guidance on healthy lifestyles, diet, exercise, and other behaviors that promote well-being.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Primary care doctors diagnose and treat common illnesses, infections, and chronic conditions. They also manage long-term health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.

Management of Chronic Conditions

Primary care physicians work with patients to manage chronic diseases through regular check-ups, medication management, and lifestyle recommendations.


If a patient’s health concern requires specialized care, primary care providers can refer them to appropriate specialists.

Coordination of Care

Primary care doctors often serve as the central point of contact, coordinating care between different specialists and healthcare facilities to ensure comprehensive and well-managed treatment.

Holistic Approach

Primary care takes into account not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being, providing a comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Patient Education

Primary care providers educate patients about their health conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures, empowering them to make informed decisions.

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Hello to everybody. This course is very helpful, there is a lot of useful information. I really like how everything is merged together in one piece, where you can easy study with your own pace. Dr.Dimple explains everything, she clearly has a lot of knowledge. Thank you Dr.Diple.
Gaby Sever
Must join and learn for anyone who wants to learn about holistic health and ways of life. There's so much information but it's all very logical and easy to learn as it's so captivating!
Victoria Mills
The course is very informative and educative . I learnt so much about Ayurveda. The teacher ( Ms. Dimple) is so knowledgeable and i was able to understand each and every module clearly. The website is well designed and is user friendly. I recommend this course for others , so that you can lead a healthy and long life. Thank you.
Hepzibha David
Amazed at how much I am learning!A lot to take in but definitely made a huge change to how I eat and exercise.
S Cannon
Dr. Rahul Kakkar, MD
Critical Care and Sleep Specialist
Physician’s AssistantReandy Hearn
Trauma & PTSD
Physician AssistantMegan Silveus
Family MedicineDr. Alfred Bunao, MD

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