OPTIFAST Weight Management

OPTIFAST Weight Management

Find out more about the OPTIFAST weight management program


OPTIFAST is a  highly coveted meal replacement program! Simple and effective, our OPTIFAST meal replacement program allows patients to benefit from:

  • Comprehensive exercise and nutrition
  • Full medical evaluation
  • Sessions to help with behavioral change
  • Medications when appropriate
  • Referral for surgery when appropriate
  • High quality, complete nutrition
  • Pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings
  • Freedom from having to make food choices

Depending on your calorie requirements, your physician will prescribe you 3 to -5 meal replacements per day. Our weight loss program uses a customized approach to identify the factors causing your struggle and to help you manage them.

Instant Statistics

1 lbs
Average Weight loss in 26 Weeks

OPTIFAST® patients who actively participated in a 26-week medically-monitored program typically lost approximately 30 lbs.

1 x
Heigher weight loss

Compared to a reduced-calorie food-based program.

1 kgs
Average loss to total fat mass

Compared to a 4.4 kg loss observed in individuals in a reduced-calorie food-based program.

1 cm
Decrease in waist circumference

Compared to a 7.7 cm loss observed in a reduced-calorie food-based program.


Blood glucose levels

Weight loss in OPTIFAST® program can help lower blood glucose vs. baseline.

1 %
Average decrease in cholesterol

Weight loss with the OPTIFAST® can help manage cholesterol levels.

OPTIFAST has proven results!

After 1 year

OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week program typically lose approximately 30 lbs. and maintain approximately a 25-lb. weight loss at 1 year.

After 2 years

OPTIFAST® patients maintained an average weight loss of approximately 19 lbs. after 2 years and 15 lbs. after 3 years from starting the program.

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