Digital Continuous Care

Management Presentation

Leon Eisen, PhD

Founder & CEO


June 2019

What is Oxitone..?

Oxitone is pioneering a Digital Continuous Care™ model as a critical link in the healthcare digital supply chain focusing on patient outcomes It accelerates and optimizes access to care for chronic patients at risk by early identifying critical health issues and delivering proactive, data driven decision support


  • Oxitone is a turn key solution that continuously generates precision medical data and enables AI based proactive care of chronic disease patients at risk
  • The platform includes the first FDA cleared wrist sensor multivariate medical monitor and real time augmented medical intelligence algorithms
  • Technology received 510(k ) clearance and CE Mark in 2017
  • Product has been launched in January 2019
  • Expanding sales force and commercial activities in USA, EU and Singapore in 2019
  • Received initial orders for more than 4,000 devices/SaaS products going to several Fortune500 customers in 2019
  • We address well defined massive markets with clear pricing and technology differentiation in cardiopulmonary, sleep and stress
  • Incorporated in Israel and US


Leon Eisen, PhD

Founder & CEO

Inventor of wrist Pulse Oximeter, effective entrepreneur and executive with 15 years of experience in medical device industry Author of 10 patents more than 20 publications

Ofer Harpak


Technology leader and serial entrepreneur with exits to Deutsche Telekom, Siemens and BATM/Telco Former CTO of BATM/Telco Mr Harpak owns more than 10 patents

Prof. Louis Shenkman

Medical Director

Professor of medicine, former Director of Internal Medicine at Meir Hospital with more than 50 years of clinical trails management and design experience

Morris Azulay


Managed over 300 M from Venture Capitals, Hedge funds Private investors Significant experience with M&A and asset monetization strategies

Oxitone 1000 - Product Overview

Technology Highlights

  • Wrist mounted Medical Device for real –time monitoring of patients vital signs.
  • Measures SpO2 and Pulse rate using Pulse Reflection Technology near the Ulna Bone.
  • Employs a reflection Sensor that includes a photodetector located at the Wearer’s Ulnar bone and a bi-color light source aligned at the wearer’s Ulnar Bulge.
  • SpO2 saturation is measured by detecting amount of light absorbed by the blood oxyhemoglobin.
  • {Patented mechanical configuration for ergonomic fixation to isolate it from wrist movements and topographical variations.
  • SpO2 levels sand pulse rate digitally displayed and wirelessly transferred to the cloud allowing remote monitoring by a care team.
  • Uninterrupted data transmitted from wearable device to the patient’s smartphone app and tom the caregiver’s dashboard via cloud infrastructure.
  • Elaborate system for continuous digital monitoring of the patient vital along with the machine learning based real time anomaly detection and color coded alert system.

Technical Specification

Qxygen Saturation Display 0-100% (Accuracy +/-2%)
Pulse Rate Display 30-250 bpm (Accuracy +/-3%)
Steps 0-99999 Steps
Rechargeable Battery Lipo 350mAh
Operational Time Up to 24 Hours
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Physical Characteristics 50 Grams (49*34*14.8mm)

The product aims to facilitate early detection of COPD exacerbations to immediately initiate clinical intervention and prevent re-admission ultimately shifting the paradigm towards unification of hospital and home care of chronic diseases

Vitals Monitores

Blood Oxygen (SpO2)

Pluse Rate and HRV

Motion / Activity

Skin Temperature

Sleep Patterns

Proactive Care Management

Advanced Capabilities

  • Early identification of critical adverse events
  • Clearly defined patients at risk
  • Accelerated care delivery
  • Optimized access to care for chronic patients

Traditional Ambulatory Care

  • Episodic data taken sporadically
  • Post event alert
  • Costly, “Manual” patient care and management

Digital Continuous Care™

  • Precision real time data taken continuously and for unlimited time
  • Predictive / preventive disease detection
  • Affordable, “Automated” patient care and management

Digital Continuous Care ™ … how it works

Oxitone Solution

For Individual / Population Health


365/24/7 precision data driven with predictive analytics tools

Deep Learning

Patients’ classification and risk scoring, dynamic baseline and AI multivariate anomalies detection

Vitals Monitor

Real time physiological pattern of key vitals, sleep, stress and activity

Care Optimization

Multivariate Disease Progress Index and high specificity, smart alert on upcoming disease deterioration and therapeutic needs

Blood Oxygen (SpO2)

Pluse Rate and HRV

Motion / Activity

Skin Temperature

Sleep Patterns