When your lungs have become damaged or scarred due to medication, radiation, environmental factors, illness, or other, unknown reasons, doctors refer to this condition as pulmonary fibrosis.

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Patients with pulmonary fibrosis experience:

  •  Shortness of breath
  •  dry cough
  • ches in joints and muscles
  •  Fatigue
  •  Weight loss that isn't explained by other causes

Pulmonary fibrosis shows up in different patients in different ways. Some people become very sick very quickly, while others have more mild to moderate symptoms that gradually worsen over years. Factors like: 

  • Smoking
  • Occupation
  • Genetics
  • Cancer treatments involving radiation

May make it more likely for you to develop pulmonary fibrosis. Although the condition is occasionally diagnosed in infants or young children, it primary affects adults who are middle-aged or older. 


There is currently no way to reverse the lung damage that causes pulmonary fibrosis, but medications and treatments are available which can significantly improve quality of life for most patients. 


If you've been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, or are struggling to understand why it's hard to breathe, contact Dr. Rahul Kakkar at Prana Health. He has the experience and expertise in pulmonary medicine necessary to help you understand what is causing your symptoms, and will help you use both environmental controls and medical treatments to regain as much quality of life as possible. He also has a particular interest in working with veterans and soldiers, and has received awards from the Veteran's Administration.
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