Do your allergies lead to coughing and a feeling of tightness in the chest? Do you find that it's difficult to breathe, during or after exercise? You may be experiencing the symptoms of asthma, a chronic lung disease which narrows and inflames your airways. While asthma can be controlled for many people, it has the potential to complicate other health conditions, reduce the quality of life, and even be fatal when it is untreated.

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Most people begin to experience asthma symptoms as a child, although asthma can occasionally develop in adults. Asthma causes the airways in the lungs to be inflamed and more sensitive than they are in those who do not suffer from asthma. Triggers, such as exercise or allergens, can cause the airways to tighten, making it difficult to breathe.


To treat asthma, doctors start by ensuring that patients have a way to resolve acute symptoms, sometimes called asthma attacks. This will usually take the form of a medication delivered through an inhaler or nebulizer. Sometimes more serious exacerbations are treated with oral steroids.
From there, doctors try to minimize the number of attacks that a person has. This is done by reducing the overall inflammation in the lungs, making them more sensitive to triggers. If a patient has environmental allergies, getting these under control can be key; in other cases, steroid inhalers are used to deliver medication to the lungs.


If you are having an asthma attack and you don't have medication to help, or your medications aren't working, it's important to get immediate treatment; asthma can be very serious. To get a better handle on your asthma overall, contact Dr. Rahul Kakkar at Prana Health. Drawing on years of work in pulmonary medicine, we will use the most modern treatments and a whole-body approach to ensure that your asthma is as well controlled as possible, and you can get back to your life.

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