COVID-19 Preparedness

COVID-19 Preparedness

You want a Health Provider who is prepared to combat Coronavirus. Know several procedures Prana Health is taking to ensure patient safety during the pandemic.

How is Prana Stepping Up?

Policies in Place Include:

  1. All patients are asked to check in from their cars to check in and are screened for symptoms. We have added more screening criteria to those used at Massachusetts General Hospital
  2. All patients will have their temperature checked upon arrival and will be escorted to bathroom for a thorough hand wash. They receive written instructions on WHO’s 6-step hand washing technique. They will also be offered hand sanitizer and a mask. Patients with high risk of active COVI-19 will be treated in either isolation rooms in the East wing, in their cars, or in a tent. 
  3. No more than one of two patients allowed in the waiting area and are kept far apart. No symptomatic patient is kept in the waiting area.
  4. All patients are offered masks, subject to availability.
  5. The entire office and bathrooms are hospital grade deep cleaned every day using bleach.
  6. Bathroom fixtures, surfaces, computer keyboards, door knobs are cleaned hourly with odorless disinfectant.
  7. Providers will see you with Personal Protective Equipment.
  8. All employees wash their hands every 30 minutes.
  9. Patients are encouraged to keep their belongings in their cars and not to bring their CPAP devices to the office.
  10. We are offering televisits to most patients and spreading the appointments apart for those who must come in to see the doctors to avoid crowding in the office.
  11. All employees are monitored for any contact or risk factors and are sent home for the maximum virus incubation period if it is in the realm of possibility they have come in contact with the virus.
  12. All employees are instructed to work at least 6 feet away as much as possible.
  13. We can mail disinfected monitoring devices to patient’s homes if so needed. 
  14. Our sleep rooms are far apart from each other to mitigate any chance of spreading infection.
  15. The patients coming to the office are placed in rooms skipping one room in between to increase distance and each room is disinfected after each one use.

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