Coronavirus Rapid Antibody Tests

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Tests are now available at Prana Health. The antibody tests check for two different antibodies. IgM antibodies are elevated to indicate a recent infection with  The COVID-19 and start increasing in a few  days to few weeks and disappear in about 4-6 weeks. IgG antibodies take a few weeks to appear and are detectable for months to years. Antibody tests are very different from molecular testing (swab). The latter are positive with active infection with Sars Cov-2 (window view), while presence of antibodies indicates a past infection (rear view). If you have active symptoms, the antibody test may be falsely negative. Similarly, if your symptoms have subsided, the swab test may be negative. Antibodies indicate a level of immunity, but it is not clear how much protection they confer from future infection.  Positive antibody test is not an immunity passport but provides an added layer of security, especially if you are considering reopening your business.

The Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Test is conducted by pricking your finger with a lancet device, similar to testing blood glucose.

After the small sample of your blood is collected, we will have your results in 15 minutes.

Please see more information on this test here.

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