Coronavirus Comprehensive Evaluations

Coronavirus Comprehensive Evaluations

Find out more about the coronavirus comprehensive evaluations we offer below

What is the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a serious, multidimensional illness that attacks the lungs and other organs.  It cannot be defined, diagnosed or described with a single positive or negative test. Prana Health offers a comprehensive evaluation by a board-certified pulmonologist who can provide the appropriate recommendations for the management and treatment of the disease and its effects. The value of a single diagnostic test in determining whether you have or don’t have had the illness is limited and strife with controversies.

Our traditional approach is which involves a thorough evaluation of  your history, physical examination, blood work to determine high risk indicators like LDH, CRP, Vitamin D, lymphocyte count, d-dimer and a chest X-ray, ultrasound evaluation for blood clots or CT scan of the chest, as the need may be. One third of patients with COVID 19 have blood clots, may need an ultrasound or CT scan of the chest for the diagnosis and, blood thinners for the treatment. Further, we have capability to measure and monitor oxygen levels with the gold standard arterial blood gases available in our office. In addition, we can determine oxygen levels with exercise oximetry, cardiopulmonary exercise test, overnight oximetry and extended oxygen monitoring over weeks to months the first and only FDA approved wrist oxygen measuring device,  Oxitone.  We are offering COVID 19 testing with a nasal swab and Antibody Testing for both IgG and IgM antibodies.

Our Team: Our COVID-19 team includes Board Certified Pulmonary and Critical Care specialists, a Board Certified Physician Assistant, Registered Respiratory Therapist, and highly qualified nursing staff.

Consultations: We provide In-person or virtual consultation, depending on your preference and level of comfort. If you choose to have a virtual consultation, we will provide you the link that you can use on a smartphone, tablet, or computer and connect with us via a secure portal.    

COVID-19 Antibody Test: The Antibody Test uses a blood sample to show whether a patient has been exposed to the virus, and has developed antibodies against COVID-19. The test should be performed at appropriate time to avoid false negatives. For more information about this test, please call our office at 910-824-7619

Blood Oxygen Monitoring: COVID-19 is associated with “silent hypoxia” or “happy hypoxia”, meaning a carrier can have dangerously low blood oxygen levels without experiencing symptoms. Prana Health offers arterial blood gas tests, exercise oximetry, and overnight oximetry studies in addition to extended home-based remote patient monitoring using a unique and state of the art device available only at Prana (insert Oxitone link here), in which Prana is alerted to any changes in the patient.

Venous Doppler to Evaluate for Blood Clots: One third of patients with COVID-19 can develop dangerous blood clots. These can cause clotting in veins, lungs, arteries of the heart and stroke. We can have your venous ultrasound in our office and arrange for other relevant tests at other facilities as the need arises. We will evaluate and advise if you need treatment with blood thinners.  

Echocardiography: New studies have shown that right ventricular dilatation is one of the most important prognostic markers in COVID-19 infection. If you have been turned away from the hospital or asked to quarantine, we will do a complete evaluation and offer suitable treatment.

Treatment: As the treatment paradigms evolve, we will offer suitable low cost treatments to our patients including but not limited to oxygen, blood thinners, antibiotics and other treatments.